3D printing has found its place in the world of guitars. Independent custom guitar company owner, Andrew Strassell, has come up with a way to making playing the guitar a more efficient and practical process. What’s his secret? Well, the implementation of 3D printed pickup cartridges of course.

But Strassell designed a guitar that had a 3D printed pickup cartridge that would make the pickups completely swappable on the same instrument and as easy to change as inserting a video game cartridge. This allows musicians to easily switch between a traditional heavy metal sound, to a blues sound and then over to the twang of a country music guitar. It also allows guitar players to put the pickup cartridges in backwards which will reverse the polarity and open up an entirely new set of sounds to experiment with. All on the same guitar and all in a matter of seconds.

This innovation could be a major breakthrough in the future of how we all play the guitar. What could be better than saving time and money when it comes to your guitar. To us, this development seems very efficient and cost effective. What do you think? To read more about Strassell’s 3D printed pickup cartridges, check out 3D Print.