For only about 8 years, the Byrds’ gave the world some very important and influential guitar moments that you will see in this short list of their greatest guitar moments. In addition to providing great guitar work, the Byrds’ were also able to amass some pretty big hits in 60s and 70s. The pieces really came together for the band in 1968 when guitar genius, Clarence White, joined the band.

A master of chops-busting bluegrass guitar, White, who initially recorded with the band as a session guitarist but became a full member in mid-1968, intertwined his formidable fingerpicking, flatpicking and hybrid-picking technique on his Tele with the use of a device he helped invent (with Gene Parsons), theParsons-White StringBender (also known as a B-bender), which allowed him to recreate pedal steel guitar licks with stunning accuracy.

White was a special guitar player who the world lost way too early. With his death, the band faded away as well, but their legacy remains today. Let’s move forward and see what 4 great guitar moments make the list.[nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]