Recently, we spoke with one of our fans from the Guitar Loves community, Roger Diodak. Roger is a small businessman and artist who has created a very cool and unique product that he calls, “Ghost Guitars.” These guitars are basically replicas of his favorite guitars, and creating replicas of YOUR favorite guitars is something he would love to do. As someone who loves guitars and designing, creating this business was a natural process for him.

Each guitar is handmade from acrylic glass. The base is filled with LED which allows the engravings to light up beautifully for all to see. They guitars are powered by 3 AAA batteries and they stand at 15.35 inches high. Roger customizes guitars so that he can make replicas of guitars that customers own. He can also add text or anything you want to add to the replica of your favorite axe. In addition to the Ghost Guitars, Diodak also makes LED logo displays for bands and recently started making reallly cool, LED pick guards. Finally, he has also been making engraved truss rod covers and pick guards. Quite the designer, right?? Great stuff, Roger!! 

Please go follow Roger on Facebook at Ghost Guitars, and visit his website at Diodak. Also, check out these very cool photos of some of his products below: