Epiphone is rolling out some new beauties and as an owner of a Dobro Resonator..I can tell you that these are going to be great instruments.

Jim Rosenberg, Epiphone’s president announced the new issues in a recent press release and it got me pumped up…yeah yeah yeah…mainly for the resonator but the Bleshawk Deluxe is no slouch either!


Epiphone, the worldwide leader in classic and cutting edge professional instruments, is proud to introduce two new guitars to the Epiphone catalog – the Dobro® Hound Dog M14 Metalbody and the return of the Epiphone legendary Blueshawk Deluxe. Both guitars will be available for Epiphone fans in spring 2015. “The Dobro® Hound Dog M14 and the Blueshawk Deluxe are perfect examples of what we do best at Epiphone,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg, “It’s our mission to provide guitar players of all genres incredible style, sound and value.”

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