Flamethrower Max

This may be one of the most ridiculous and badass guitar build/mod projects we’ve ever seen. Ok so it’s really a Ukelele mod but its still badass and hey you could DIY! The video below is of course a must see!

Have you see the new MadMax movie? Let me tell you from firsthand experience that its phenomenal and one of the sickest things in the movie is this insane mutant looking dude who non-stop shreds a flame throwing guitar at full volume backed by a wall of sound amplifier system!

“I didn’t want to try to replicate exactly what he had, and I also wanted to scale things down to be marginally safer. My version can be built from hardware store parts in a very short amount of time,” Kraft writes in the introduction to his how-to guide. Playing with fire can be hazardous to your health, so make sure you use common sense and follow appropriate safety precautions if you decide to build your own flamethrower-instrument.

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