Now this is what we call a pretty cool school project. A high school in Monroe, North Carolina had its students make their own instruments for a senior class art project. One of the students, Abby Warner, decided that she would build her own guitar…and then decided to learn how to play it!

“I designed my guitar; I crafted it,” said Abby Warner. “It’s like my baby.” The project started last September and other than a final polish, was finished the week of graduation.

“Building a guitar is only a bit harder than learning to play one, from my first day’s experience,” she said. “It’s a ton of work, a lot of practice, and a lot of listening to those who came before you in reference to both building and learning to play guitar.”

We applaud you, Abby! This project proved to be quite an accomplishment for Abby, and certainly one she will never forget. We think she has a future in either building or playing the guitar. What do you think? To learn more about Abby’s story, head over to the Charlotte Observer.