The late guitarist for the legendary, American punk rock band, the Ramones, was known for playing this iconic guitar for many years. Well, now this guitar is up for auction and it could be yours!

Now the punk hero’s iconic Rickenbacker guitar is up for sale courtesy of RR Auction. Verified as having belonged to the guitarist, the instrument is the red Rickenbacker seen in numerous stunning photos.

Used frequently between 1977 and the early 80s, the guitar features some personally orchestrated adjustments, including a higher output pickup to accommodate the Ramones’ punk rock sound.

For more information about this story, head over to Clash Music. If you want to try your hand at owning this iconic guitar, please check out the link below, which will take you directly to the guitar’s auction page. Pre-live online bidding ends Sunday, Sep 27th at 12:00 PM ET – Live auction bidding begins at 1:00 PM ET Monday, Sep 28th!

RR Auction of Johnny Ramone’s Rickenbacker