It’s hard to believe that it has been over 21 years since Kurt Cobain left this world, but even in the sadness of his departure, we continue to see the fruits of his legacy. Now, we get to hear something completely different: unreleased new material. Furthermore, it appears the album will give us a glimpse into the happier side of the notoriously troubled Nirvana frontman.

The album will include recordings featured in the film as well as other unheard material. Describing the overarching tone of the soundtrack, Morgen said, “You really get a sense of how happy [Cobain] was simply by creating [by] himself. His lyrics are really playful, and, at times, you can feel his smile and warmth coming through.”

Man, we wonder what Kurt would be up to today if he was still alive. We are really looking forward to hearing this side of Kurt. What about you? Let us know below in the comments section. Read the rest of the article at