Want to learn an entire Black Keys album note for note with artist endorsed charts and tabs? Well now is your chance as the Black Keys have partnered with Guitar World to release just this for their seminal El Camino album.

It’s not often that players can find accurate info on how to play their favorite tunes seeking out shoddy transcriptions from the underbelly of the web but this is a notable exception.

Check it out!

The softcover book by Cherry Lane Music contains spot-on transcriptions of all 11 songs on the garage/blues-rocking album by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, which was produced and co-written by Danger Mouse.

Songs include:

“Dead and Gone”
“Gold on the Ceiling”
“Hell of a Season”
“Little Black Submarines”
“Lonely Boy”
“Mind Eraser”
“Money Maker”
“Nova Baby”
“Run Right Back”
“Stop Stop”

Original at Guitar World