I’ve been a fan of Joe Gore’s Tonefiend blog for sometime now and if Joe writes a piece on actually liking a set of acoustic strings then I’m sure to listen and learn. That’s exactly what happened when I checked out his review on the new Thomastik-Infeld Acoustic Guitar Plectrum Bronze Flat Wound/Bronze Round Wound Medium Light strings, .012 – .059.

Joe’s demo video really sold me on these lustrous beauties and I can’t wait till mine arrive in the mail. Disclaimer, after shipping and tax, the order came out to $30+ so Joe’s $24 strings are even more than that unless perhaps if you find them at the local retailer which I doubt!

We’ll let you know in a future post what we thought of our purchase.

This pricy Austrian set features brass-coated steel 1st and 2nd strings, while the bass strings are bronze, but with both silk inlays and flexible steel cores. The flatwound 3rd, 4th, and 5th strings nix finger noise and minimize tone contrasts between wound and unwound strings. The polished roundwound 6th string adds a touch of focus to the lowest register, yet introduces no awkward contrasts on melodies played across multiple strings.

For Joe’s entire review, check out the ToneFiend blog at: http://tonefiend.com/guitar/24-acoustic-strings/