TC electronics does as much or more testing as any manufacturer that we know of. That said, they typically deliver the highest level of innovation while building durable high performing equipment. In this case, they’ve announced what’s sure to be a game changer for guitarists everywhere.

In the era of the clip-on tuner, function has not always followed form. My personal experience is that most clip-ons suffer from poor functionality and tend to be difficult to use accurately in live environments. TC claims to have changed all that and we’ll know in July when their new Polytune clip-on hits the market.

PolyTune Clip also features an ultra-bright adaptive display that automatically detects if all strings are strummed at once or if individual notes are plucked. It also automatically flips the screen to guarantee a perfect readout no matter where it’s placed on the headstock. All of these futuristic features are housed in a small, elegant yet durable design with a high-end stainless steel clip that ensures that PolyTune Clip stays locked-in even under the harshest gigging conditions. PolyTune Clip is without a shadow of a doubt the epitome of what every tuning device should strive to be.


Polyphonic Tuner
Chromatic Tuner (+/-0.5 cent)
New ultra-precise strobe tuner (+/- 0.02 cent)
Ultra-bright and easy to read display
Adaptive screen – Ensures a perfect readout no matter where you place PolyTune Clip
Elegant yet durable design
High-quality stainless steel clip

Available: Early July
Price: $49.99 US Estimated Price / £35 UK SSP / 49 € EUR SSP

Shout out to Premier Guitar for their article on this topic