The other day we shared with you the iPhone powered guitar, which was pretty cool, but today we are sharing with you an invention that we think is more practical and groundbreaking for those of us who play the guitar.

Strassell Guitars — a small, New York City-based company founded by Andrew Strassell — has come up with a way for guitarists to essentially turn a single guitar into dozens. Using new 3-D printed technology and a specially designed body, guitarists can swap out the pickups on a Strassell guitar without any effort, instantly turning their tone from clean and twangy to fuzzed out and beefy in seconds. Crafting a nuanced and precise tone may no longer be solely a pastime of the elite.

Strassell saw the most potential for innovation in the pickups, creating a guitar that simplifies said process into an action no more complicated than changing a game cartridge in a Nintendo 64. The guitar’s custom built body and 3-D printed carriage allow guitarists to simply push the pickups out through the back of the guitar and swap in another pickup cartridge.

Way cool, right? This is a very new idea and only a few guitars are currently using it. However, we feel an invention like this one would really be the future of guitars. Tell us what you think and for the rest of the article please visit Music Mic.