New Version of an Old Favorite: Wren and Cuff Gold Comp Review

If you’re a fan of the old school Ross Compressors, AKA the Gold Standard of compression, then you’ll want to check out Premier Guitars review of Wren and Cuffs new (old) Gold Comp.

John Bohlinger is the reviewer and he does a nice job of putting the Wren and Cuff Gold Comp Review through its paces in several scenarios using both the clean and dirty channels of his Boogie comp

There’s nothing tricky about using the Gold Comp. Getting great sounds can be as easy as plugging in and setting the level. It does classic compressor chores with aplomb—it’s a clucking country picker’s dream. Individual notes acquire percussive heft and harmonic evenness amid fast-fingered fretboard dashes.

But exploring and appreciating the Gold Comp’s subtleties requires a little concentration. Like a germanium fuzz, the Gold Comp is extremely dynamic. It’s highly responsive to guitar volume changes, especially when the pedal’s volume, compression, and attack/release controls are set high. Adjusting your guitar’s volume at these settings can clean up your signal or add grit and gain. (There’s a lot of extra boost on tap.) You can also reshape the compression in cool ways, from soft contours to thick, near-claustrophobic squeeze. The Gold Comp responds to changing input levels with a nuanced, natural-sounding curve.

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