In just 10 years, the Akron-based company, Earthquaker Devices, has moved to the forefront of creating innovative and sound changing guitar pedals. What started as an experiment in the home of founder, Jamie Spillman, has now turned into a very successful business that produces pedals for big name acts such as Pearl Jam, Paul Simon, and Paramore.

The business grew from Stillman’s home into a small workshop and recently into a 15,000-square-foot building. Now, the 31 employees build, test and ship up to 800 pedals a week, all by hand.

What’s very cool is how Stillman still provides his personal touch to each pedal, whether it’s through the graphic designing of the pedal (as seen in the image above) or creating the new and innovative sound for each pedal. To read more about this awesome business, head over to WKYC News.