Guitar World’s Damian Fanelli writes about a man who plays guitar during surgery…surgery on his brain!! Anthony Kulkamp Dias of Brazil did the unthinkable by playing consistently through a tumor removal procedure.

The decision to do this was aided by doctors who wanted to monitor his brain function during the procedure. Apparently it went ver ywell and Dias played beautifully throughout. But don’t Take my word for it, check out the video below.

Did Dias sit around and stress out during his awake time? Nope. He merely considered it a chance to play Beatles and Brazilian folk tunes on his guitar! Besides “Yesterday” (which can be heard in the clip below), he played a song he wrote for his newborn son, who was born a mere 15 days after Dias discovered the tumor.

Dias played six songs during the nine-hour procedure as surgeons, hidden behind a blue sheet, operated on him. “The doctors asked me to repeat one of the country songs, so I even had an encore,” Dias told Brazilian news site G1.

Check out the video!

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