Many of us know YES and their music. We know the big hits like “I’ve Seen All Good People”, “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, “Roundabout”,”Yours is No Disgrace”, and the list goes on and on. However, despite their musical prowess and technical ingenuity, we tend to forget the names of the important pieces, such as lead guitarist, Steve Howe, that made YES such a one of a kind act.

Is Steve Howe famous? No… and Yes.

No: In its 46 years of existence Howe’s band, Yes, has never made the cover of Rolling Stone. Yes has not been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and faces no imminent need to prepare an acceptance speech. This summer, as 70-something rock stars such as the Rolling Stones (and 60-something rock stars such as Donald Trump) flit across the country on private jets, Howe, the band’s legendary lead guitarist, is literally traveling under the radar, driving with an old buddy from gig to gig in a rented Mercedes (and staying at a Hampton Inn).

We can’t imagine Howe is too bothered by living as a musician under the radar but considering how big YES was for a huge part of their career, it is pretty amazing that some of the all time greats still go unnoticed. Well, not today. So please watch Steve Howe in this video of a great performance of “Roundabout”.

To read more about what Steve is doing today, head over to Newsweek.