If you are old enough, you remember the good ole days of the Game Boy. If you were playing guitar then, it is quite possible that the introduction of the Game Boy took away your time from guitar practice. Let’s face it, the Game Boy was awesome. Fast forward to 2015, and the Game Boy is nowhere to be found. Of course, the guitar remains, no surprise there. But, what if you could bring back the Game Boy and splice it with a guitar? Well, considering today’s world of technology and innovators, you probably won’t be surprised to know that someone has done just that.

[Fibbef], an administrator on BitFixGaming boards built this as an exhibition piece for his 2015 Game Boy Classic build off. He started the build just three months ago and we have to say we’re impressed. It’s a fully functioning Raspberry Pi Game Boy emulator — and a full fledged electric guitar. The A and B buttons double as volume and tone dials for the guitar, while also being push buttons for the Game Boy!

Pretty wild, right?? It’s amazing the things people create this day, and the Nintendo Guitar Boy is no exception. Check out this video below to see how it works, and for more information on this new creation, check out Hackaday.