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A message from your future teacher, Davide Pannozzo! 


"Hi, this is Davide Pannozzo and welcome to my new course "Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar"! 

After 15 years of teaching, master classes and concerts around the world, the most common questions that I get asked are: what scale did you use in that song? How did you consider that change? What kind of fingering do you use on that scale?

For this reason, I decided to make available this information using a new way to teaching through my website.​

You will have the opportunity to have new teaching materials every week, develop new material according to your needs of time and send me your assignments at the end of each chapter. 

What you will get in fact is a constant feedback from me: at the end of each section, I will ask you to send me a video improvisation, and by return, I will send you my detailed feedback to let you proceed without hesitation to the next topic!

At the end of the course, you will receive an overall feedback and a vote on the whole program, a certificate of participation and the possibility to add a "badge" on your LinkedIn profile!


What will you find in the course and what topics are covered?


  • 21 lessons divided into five months of classes (1 per week).
  • Pentatonic Modes
  • Pentatonic ADD6
  • Dominant 7th Pentatonic
  • How to mix Pentatonic Major and Minor
  • Major Scale Modes (Ionic, Doric, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian)
  • Melodic Minor Scale Modes (Melodic Minor, Dorian b2, Lydian Augmented, Lydian Dominant, Mixolydian b6, Locrian #2, Superlocrian)
  • Harmonic Minor Scale
  • Diminished scale Halftone-Tone
  • Whole-tone scale
  • About 80 new licks written for you
  • Fingerings of the scales used
  • Video Demonstration on each scale
  • Possibility of slowing down the speed of each video
  • Direct feedback at the end of each section

Enroll today and start to improve you playing now!"